Telehealth Appointments Now Available!

Thanks to our local primary health network and Health Direct we are now able to offer telehealth appointments for the following clinical applications:

  • Surgical reviews requiring basic observation and no clinical intervention. We can advise on appropriate self care and also give you a chance to ask us questions you may be hesitant to ask via text or otherwise.
  • Xray, Ultrasound and MRI referrals based on your subjective description of symptoms and our objective findings within the limitations of webcam and the available video resolution at the time of the consultation.
  • Prescription of medicines. Our endorsed Podiatrists will be able to prescribe you medications that they deem necessary for ongoing care of your foot and ankle problems. We can email you your script, print and post it to you or send it directly to your pharmacist.
  • Some Musculoskeletal ailments that require shoe modifications, insole modifications or foot orthotics via “drop off and pick up”. See more on our orthotics page here.

To request a Telehealth appointment please call us on 1300880942 , complete our contact us form here, or via email to



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