Lower back pain related to the feet is often described as “A generalised ache across the lower back which is aggravated by long periods of standing in the one position.”

When the feet roll in excessively (over pronate) the alignment of the entire leg, hips and lower back is affected. This can overwork and even strain the muscles of the lower back as they attempt to maintain a normal back posture. Conversely, if the feet do not roll in enough (under pronate), the lower back may attenuate shock and compress and strain vertebrae or the smaller muscles that stabilise them.

At Rightfoot we assess your foot and ankle function to get to the bottom of your back pain. We will tell you if your back pain is not related to your feet function and offer recommendations and referrals to other allied health professionals who will help you with your non-foot related back pain. When correcting your feet posture to re-align your ankles, legs and hips, podiatrists prescribe orthotics, offer footwear advice and give you training and rehabilitation tips to prevent the causes of your back pain and get you back on the right foot.