Rightfoot carries a wide range of footwear brands such as:

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And more brands depending on seasonal availabilities.

If you walk into a typical shoe store they will usually have their shoes in categories, pricing from cheapest at bottom to most expensive at top etc… which I’m sure you’re aware of. What most people don’t realise is that although the cheapest shoes are at the bottom of the wall they are almost always the same quality as the other models in their brand. What you pay for is the number of outsole and upper features, kinda like a pizza, same base but cost can go up if you want more on it.

General Good Shoe Features

The outsole features of a shoe determine its function. Generally these features herd the shoes into 3 main categories:

  1. Control: Usually the most expensive models in each brand and designed to support flatter more hypermobile feet. The purists say these shoes are for “overpronators” and therefore are targetted at around 70% of the population
  2. Stability: These models are usually priced in the mid range of a brand. These are designed for holding a well functioning foot in it’s position. Roughly 20% of people have been gifted “textbook” feet by their parents. 
  3. Neutral and / or Cushioning:  Usually least expensive models in a range, these shoes help an “underponating” or “supinating” foot by offering better shock attenuation. Some even encourage the foot to pronate a little. 

If you feel the shoes aren’t wide enough, don’t be shy in asking for a larger “width fitting” which most models offer and most Aussies need. This is a little patronising but our #1 rule for shoe fitting is…Always leave the store with shoes your feet feel good in. Unless the shoe is a high grain leather there shouldn’t be much “wearing in” to be done. Another tip would be to ensure the store has a clear returns policy and only wear the shoes around your house for a few days before venturing into the wild with them in case you do need to return them. You can even make an appointment with us if you’re not sure and we can discuss their suitability before you commit to them. Keep your receipt!

Work Boots


We are also counting down the release of the much anticipated Ergonx Elements Work Boots . These boots are due to arrive in April 2023 and we recommend getting in on their pre-order @

These boots use a polypropylene plastic shank to add stiffness and support to get around any job site, whilst reducing the overall weight of the boot. FACT: Lighter footwear reduces fatigue and risk of injury.

OFFERED IN 2 STYLES: lace/zip and slip on

TECHNOLOGY: Full-grain leather for durability, EVA foam midsole and Polypropylene cap.


Perhaps the greatest feature of the Ergonx Elements Work Boots is the Ergonx Ultrasoft insoles! We have fitted patients with these insoles from our Rightfoot Clinics for years to fix heel pain and many other foot ailments. They are the undoubtedly the best off the shelf insole money can buy (only $50!)




We also carry the Wide Load work boots which offer exceptionally broad width fittings. Come in and check em out!


After all is said and done, if you are experiencing any pain, whether it be for two days or two years, our podiatrists are here to help you, so come and visit us at Rightfoot Podiatry today.