Ankle Pain

There are various anatomical structures surrounding the ankle joint. Ankle pain can be experienced in the front (anterior), back (posterior), outside (lateral) and inside (medial). One of the most commonly injured structures of the ankle occurs following a lateral ankle sprain. While most ankle pain occurs as a result of mechanical injury, occasionally degeneration of the joint (arthritis) can be the cause of chronic ankle pain. Podiatrists have been trained in assessing and diagnosing all forms of ankle pain. Once a diagnosis has been achieved, podiatrists are able to develop treatment programs tailored to the individual in order to get the patient back on their feet quickly.

Lateral ankle pain

Pain occurring on the outside of the ankle is known as lateral ankle pain. There are many ligaments which stabilise the ankle joint, however poor foot mechanics and inadequate footwear can lead to an overuse injury of these ligaments in the lateral ankle.

Lateral ankle sprains normally occur as a consequence of inversion ankle sprains (when foot rolls out), causing the structures of the lateral ankle to become unstable, inflamed and can potentially rupture.

Posterior ankle pain

A common condition which causes pain in the back of the ankle is known as Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis pain can be experienced either on the back of the heel bone or along the tendon. When the tendon becomes aggravated, the bursa which sits between the heel bone and tendon can become inflamed and exacerbate your posterior heel pain symptoms. Depending on where the pain is occurring and how long it has been present, specialised exercise programs, footwear advice and orthotics are designed by your podiatrist in order to treat this condition.

Once all conservative treatment for ankle pain has been trialled, podiatrists who have postgraduate training in podiatric therapeutics are able to perform injections of corticosteroids into the ankle to reduce pain. Currently, we have two endorsed podiatrists working at Rightfoot Podiatry who are able to assess whether your ankle pain can be improved with the use of steroid injections.

If you are experiencing ankle pain, whether it be for two days or two years, our podiatrists are here to help you, so come and visit us at Rightfoot Podiatry today.