Knee pain is one of the most common overuse injuries of the body. Anyone can suffer from knee pain if they have poor foot function be it over or under pronation (rolling in). Most symptoms are felt in the anterior or front of the knee and are often due to poor function of the patello-femoral joint (behind the knee cap). Pain related to over pronation is often described as “A nagging/burning type pain” in this area. This is aggravated by walking long distances or up and down stairs.

Flat feet often over-pronate during activity and the tibia or shin bone rotates inwardly which places a torsion at the knee joint and pulls the patello-femoral joint off track. This can be very mild with only pressure on one side of the femoral condyle or “track” in this description, or it can be severe with complete dislocation of the patella. Over pronation also causes torsion at the knee joint itself causes excessive wear of the cartilage within the joint or strain of the ligaments and capsule outside of the joint.

High arched feet often under-pronate which can reduce shock absorption when the heel strikes the ground during the gait (walking) cycle. This shock is often taken up at the knee joint and can strain the large tendon at the front referred to as the patello-femoral tendon or ligament.

At Rightfoot we assess your foot and ankle function to get to the bottom of your knee pain. We can prescribe orthotics, offer footwear advice and give you training and rehabilitation tips to prevent the causes of your knee pain and get you back on the right foot.