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If your feet need corrective devices to reduce pain, our highly skilled podiatrists custom make orthotics to fit your feet right. Rightfoot Podiatry has its own orthotic and prosthetic laboratory so we make your devices from start to finish and offer easy and quick adjustment turnaround. This also saves you expensive outsourcing costs being added to your case fee.

This service is only advised after a full consultation.

PRICE : Quotes on case fees inclusive of consultations and orthotics range from $300 - $800.

(PLEASE NOTE: To clarify, this price range is classified as a "case fee" which includes all costs necessary to analyse, cast, fabricate, fit and modify your orthotics until you are completely satisfied with them. We do this so you know exactly what you'll have to pay, so there are no surprises! We pride ourselves in offering custom orthotics you are entirely happy with, from price to clinical effect. Duplicate pairs of casted custom orthotics are approximately half the cost of the first pair given we already have a modified mould to fabricate them from. For more detail on item numbers and fees please scroll down this page).

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Orthotics are a type of innersole that are designed to fit into appropriate footwear to provide arch support and control a variety of biomechanical problems that can occur in the lower limb.

Who needs ORTHOTICS?

Orthotics are prescribed by your podiatrist for a number of reasons. The most common being:

Orthotics are also used for overuse lower limb complaints like:


There are a variety of different materials and designs appropriate for various foot types and conditions. Your podiatrist will formulate an orthotic prescription according to your presenting complaint and individual needs. Our list of orthotic types are the most comprehensive available and include:

Custom made

These are orthotics individually moulded to the contours of your foot by your podiatrist. Making these orthoses involves taking a plaster cast of your feet and modifying the cast according to your individual needs. A semi-rigid thermoplastic or carbon fibre is then heat moulded to your cast to create a custom device. The advantage of this type of orthotic is that it is made to suit only your foot and address your specific problem. These materials will far outlast any other available orthotic material and as they are made in our orthotic lab your podiatrist can make modifications quickly and conveniently.

Customised Pre-Fabricated Device

These appeal to people requiring something lightweight and easily modifiable. Pre-fabricated blanks are not unlike your basic shoe insole in shape but are made from a grindable EVA rubber to allow further EVA additions to be made to suit your biomechanical needs. These provide a cheaper alternative to custom rigid orthoses but will only last around 1/3rd of the time due to the materials used. Also making identical pairs is difficult as the plaster impression technique is not used to make these.

CFA Orthotics (Casted Foot Adjusted)

These devices are made at our orthotic laboratory from standard casts. A trace of your foot is taken and the orthotist chooses a cast in their lab that best matches your foot and your requirements. Your podiatrist can request different materials and covers according to your needs. CFAs offer an alternative for growing, hypermobile children as they provide the rigid support required but aren’t as expensive as custom rigid orthoses considering they may grow out of them within 18 months.

Off The Shelf (OTS) devices and Simple Innersoles

These orthotics are basic arch supports that you may have seen at the pharmacy or footwear store. These devices provide basic arch support but do not address your specific individual needs and more complicated biomechanical issues. This clinic stocks “Docpods” the most sophisticated OTS devices available currently. Docpods are available in a range of styles and functions that can be expained by your podiatrist.


It is preferable to have the following features in your footwear when considering orthoses:

  1.  A deep, firm heel cup
  2.  Adequate mid arch rigidity. We can teach you the "Bend Test" and the "Twist Test"
  3.  Adequate width across the ball of the foot
  4.  Laces or adjustable strap/s to secure the foot back in the shoe

We typically make your othotics to fit the shoes you already have. Sometimes you may need to purchase new footwear to accommodate your orthotics in which case you should take your orthotics with you when shopping for shoes.

Private Health Insurance Item Numbers (for Custom Rigid Orthoses):

Every insurer varies the items they use and cover for orthotics. It is a good idea to call your private health insurer and ask what rebates they will offer you for your orthoses before you initiate your orthoses case with your podiatrist. We will do our best to maximise your rebates. Generally we use the following item numbers when invoicing you for your orthoses.

  • 111 + 114 + 117 or just 118 – Biomechanical consultation and measurements
  • 301 + 302 – Plaster Casts and Molds of patient's feet
  • 221 + 221 (singles) or just 222 (pair) – Prescription Orthoses
  • 012 – Consultation/Fitting
  • 012 – Follow up consultation/Review*

* Reviews are included in the case fee. Any adjustments are free of charge within reason.

**Covers or pads are an additional cost varying on chosen materials. Costs ranging between $ 30.00 - $ 90.00.

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